About CTS

Continuous Training Solutions (CTS) was engineered to be your solution for training.
We specialize in Security Guard and Private Investigator training and certification!

We provide training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Loss Prevention, Private Investigator Certification, Red Cross First Aid, Security Guard Certification, Smart Serve and more.

CTS provides a no nonsense approach to training, allowing individuals and small businesses access to the same level of education that the International Giants have.

CTS Inservice Training and Staff Development

CTS Inservice training is a process of staff development for the purpose of improving the performance of an incumbent holding a position with assigned job responsibilities. It promotes the professional growth of individuals.  It is a program designed to strengthen the competencies of extension workers while they are on the job. CTS Inservice training is a problem-centred, learner-oriented, and time-bound series of activities which provide the opportunity to develop a sense of purpose, broaden perception of the clientele, and increase capacity to gain knowledge and mastery of techniques.

CTS Inservice training may broadly be categorized into five different types:

  • Security Guard and Private Investigator Certification training,
  • Foundation training,
  • On-the-job training,
  • Refresher or maintenance training, and
  • Career development training.

All of these types of training are needed for the proper development of extension staff throughout their service life.

We have worked closely with and have trained students from many large companies including some international giants.

Some of the companies we have completed training for include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Canada Centre
  • Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Metro
  • The Gap
  • G4S
  • Garda
  • Inneractive Security
  • Lone Star Restaurants
  • Heart N Crown Restaurants
  • Shield Security
  • StreetWatch Security
  • Tag International

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